The FCAI's membership comprises all major international brands which import and market passenger, light commercial and four-wheel-drive vehicles and motorcycles in Australia. Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries represents these key sectors of the automotive and motorcycle industry.

The FCAI’s key priorities are the varied strategies that brands are implementing to achieve continued improvements in fuel efficiency, safety and enhanced environmental performance. For the motorcycle members, the FCAI also advocates for inclusion into transport and traffic management strategy, safety initiatives and end user recognition.

The FCAI looks to work constructively with government and other stakeholders to achieve agreement on realistic and ambitious future strategies to support the Members and achieve these outcomes.

The Motorcycle Group within the FCAI is the peak industry body representing 11 importers of 16 brands of motorcycles and ATVs.  This represents approximately 82% of the total volume of motorcycle product reported in Australia.

The FCAI provides advocacy for the industry in dealings with State and Federal Governments across a broad range of policy issues including technical, safety and environmental matters, including:

  • Rider safety, accident and injury prevention through the wearing of appropriate protective clothing
  • Engineering solutions available to two wheeled vehicles (eg. ABS and Stability Control)
  • Appropriate portrayal of motorcycles in the media
  • Road trauma and selective and misleading use of accident/death statistics to portray motorcycles in a negative way
  • Rider Training and Licencing
  • Access to Land for Off-road riding